OIE Reporting

Our Mission
The University of Arizona is committed to creating and maintaining a work and learning environment that is safe, inclusive and free of discriminatory conduct prohibited by the Nondiscrimination and Anti-harassment Policy. At the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE), we lead efforts to promote and uphold this policy and its goals, foster equity and opportunity, strengthen relationships across diverse groups, and support a campus culture of equality for all members of the University community.

Campus Training and Outreach
OIE is available to answer questions and provide support related to the online harassment and discrimination prevention training program that is required for all University employees, found here. OIE also furthers nondiscrimination and equity-related education by offering departmental trainings regarding the requirements of Title IX.

Reporting and Complaint Investigation
Anyone who experiences or is aware of discriminatory conduct is urged to report the matter immediately for appropriate response. The University’s policy strictly prohibits retaliation against an individual for reporting perceived discrimination or participating in a resulting investigation. For reporting and complaint options, click here.


Office of Institutional Equity
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